Mega Magic

Mega Magic Washing Powder

Mega Magic Washing Powder is manufactured by Global FMCG Ltd. Mega Magic Washing Powder has premium formulation, which cleans any type of stain including blood, coffee, tea, grease, oil and dirt. It works equally well in hot and cold water as well as for white and colored clothes. It has high quality active ingredients along with enzymes that clean faster, at the same time being gentle on the fabric. The powder has the unique formulation that goes deep into the fabric to remove stains and to keep fabric healthy and strong. Mega Magic Washing powder is available in 4 different variants and 6 different packaging sizes.


  • Classic Scent: Top Load Jasmine
  • Extra Power: Top Load Lavender
  • Easy Wash: Front Load Lemon
  • Easy Wash: Front Load jasmine

Packaging Sizes

  • 50 gm plastic sachet
  • 150 gm box packing
  • 350 gm box packing
  • 1.5 kg box packing
  • 3 kg box packing
  • 25 kg bag packing for economic/industrial use

Mega Magic Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash

Mega Magic Anti Bacterial Hand Wash is manufactured by Global FMCG Ltd. Mega Magic Hand Wash is formulated with deep clean technology and is gentle on the skin. It gives protection against germs and bacteria and provides your hands with refreshing fragrance. Mega Magic Hand Wash is available in 5 different variants.

  • Pure Green Tea
  • Orange Blossom
  • Wild Raspberry & Cherry
  • EAqua Minerals
  • Aromatic Lemongrass

Mega Magic Hand Sanitizer

Mega Magic Hand Sanitizer is manufactured by Global FMCG Ltd. Mega Magic Hand Sanitizer is fast and effective way to clean your hands on the go. It kills germs without the need of soap or water. The unique formulation keeps your hands soft, smooth and non-sticky. Mega Magic Hand Sanitizer is available in 60 ml.

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